A family run business based in Leicestershire, Specialising solely in the production of artisan handmade preserves. They are committed to using only the finest natural ingredients and well established traditional production methods.

The most challenging part of the redesign was to create a fresh and modern look without losing the traditional essence. The fundamental elements of the previous branding was the crown illustration. We kept with this theme but interpreted it with subtle colour coding and bold typography.

Queens Park – 1
Queens Park – 2
Queens Park – 3
Queens Park – 4
Queens Park – 5
Queens Park – 6

Selected Works

CetaphilProject type

MarcoProject type

GrolschProject type

Húsavík GinProject type

SignifyProject type

M&S CoffeeProject type

Capri-SunProject type

EristoffProject type

SKYNProject type

MilupaProject type

Exmoor AleProject type

Queens Park PreservesProject type

MurdockProject type

Strongbow GoldProject type

iO. SoundsProject type

Premier SoapProject type

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